warhammer 40k death korps of krieg

Also in keeping with this mentality, these officers regard their men in the same way other commanders regard ammunition, a mentality which has caused problems in cases where non-Krieg units are placed under the command of Krieg officers. Besides these formations, Krieg produces many different types of regiments, including infantry, mechanised infantry and tank regiments, though all types exhibit the Krieg traits of discipline, expertise in trench warfare, and tolerance of both hazardous environments and high attrition rates. If one thing is even more serious business for Kriegers than dying, it’s killing heretics with extreme prejudice, even by Imperial standards. Among heavy weapons squads the Heavy Bolter is the preferred weapon but they will also make use of Autocannons , twin-linked Heavy Stubbers , Lascannons and Mortars. Chosen during training for their mental aptitude and faith, or having at least survived against the odds on the battlefield, potential Quartermasters are then given additional training in tech-lore, field medicine and indoctrination into the Imperial Cult. Even the Destroyer is used by Krieg units. Heretical Hives are worth less than the dirt under a Kriegers boot!

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Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. The soldier’s regimental tag is a distinctive colour and shape, such as a red square, which is assigned by high command prior to a campaign and stitched to his greatcoat’s collar. They have no will to live. Instead of letting the heretical rebels take control of the planet, loyalists Guardsmen decided to light Krieg up like it was nuclear 4th of July, resulting in Krieg becoming a bitch kriey a radioactive hellhole hence the Korps hardon for gas masks.

Personal tools Log in Request account. Needless to say the loyal citizens wouldn’t let the rebel scum get away with that and a bloody civil war broke out. Also it needs to be said that in current non-jokey 40k canon there is an in universe romance novel about Kriegers titled “My Wish to Produce Children with you is Exceeded Only by my Love for Him.


As mentioned in the Codex: Rates of injury and fatality during training are high, and as a final test all recruits are forced to endure the surface of Krieg itself, performing maneuvers and fighting mock battles amidst the nuclear-blasted battlefields that cover their warhammed.

Death Korps of Krieg – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

While getting some turnips out of the basement Jurten tripped over some nukes and decided to even the odds by blowing the world back to the Stone Age. From Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum.

Every Death Korps infantryman is given the standard-issue Lucius pattern no. For the most part Death Korps siege and armoured regiments make use of the Leman Russ Battle Tank and its variants, including the VanquisherExterminatorExecutionerConquerorEradicatorPunisher and Annihilatorwith preference towards siege tanks such as the Demolisher and Thunderer.

When worn together with his respirator a Death Korps soldier in full uniform is completely sealed against any contaminated environment. The position of Ensign is typically short-lived before eventual transfer to a front-line platoon or Death Rider unit. The typical Krieg ‘zeal’ for engaging and destroying the enemy at any cost can sometimes earn short-term victories at the expense of long-term strategic goals, and their unique outlook on life has been known to cause friction between themselves and other non-Krieg units.

Thankfully, Anvil Industry comes to the rescue with their Regiments range, allowing anyone to build very authentic-looking Kriegers, complete with their signature death masks, unique lasguns and wheeled heavy weapons.

Unsurprisingly, the Krieg Guardsman is well-versed in hazardous environment survival and exhibits high levels of endurance both mentally and physically. In addition he is also issued as standard one no.

Above the regiment is the line korps, a grouping of several siege regiments operating on the same front, while several line korps will form a siege army. Join the Death Korps of Krieg now rebreather, lasgun and no will to live included! They perform emergency battlefield medical services and the deliverance of last rites to injured Guardsmen, as well as the salvaging and redistribution of weapons and equipment, where they are assisted by Servitors.

Today the citizens of Krieg celebrate the day their hero Colonel Jurten destroyed their planet’s ecosystem on “Jurten Day”, when everybody digs out entrenchments and practices NBC weapons drills, just like every other day. Bayonet drills are practiced at an early age, and such is their proficiency with the weapon that the bayonet charge remains a preferred tactic among Krieg commanders. Field artillery companies consist of three batteries of four light towable artillery pieces such as Heavy Mortars or Heavy Quad-Launchers and a command squad, each with their own Centaur vehicle.


Long story short, the original hive world of Krieg was a den of traitors, corruption and strife. Yes, they have faces. This is said to be from the tragedies of the civil war on Krieg.

Death Korps of Krieg

The Munitorium has a hard on for these guys because unlike guardsmen from other places they always obey orders to the letter, even especially when it means dying in droves. What’s the difference between them and other Guard units, you ask? A small entrenching tool is also issued to all Krieg guardsmen and worn on the belt, with larger mattocks and shovels provided as needed.

On the day of the Feast of the Emperor’s AscensionJurten unleashed a counter-attack of atomic cleansing in what became known as “the Purging. The use of a eugenics program to weed out mutants is simply a continuation of policies from the civil war years. Meltaguns are the preferred special weapon used to support Death Korps infantry squads, however they also make use of FlamersPlasma Guns and Grenade Launchers.

Infantry platoons consist of six infantry squads led by Lieutenant and his Platoon Command Squadwhich in many cases will also contain a single heavy weapon crewed by two of the command squad’s members. His near-fanatical devotion to becoming a martyr for the Emperor does lead to a few issues off the battlefield, with a tendency towards insularity and a high degree of fatalism which expresses itself in ways non-Krieg persons can find unsettling, such as refusing to take off his rebreather even when not in combat.

At least take comfort in the fact that it, in all likelihood, can’t be as bad as a certain Warsmith ‘s pet project.