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All we see is them shaking hands and then suddenly walking down the path in Unknown coats. He hated the monotony of island life and built a raft with Sora and Kairi to explore the outside world. Secret Ansem’s Report 11 Though Hollow Bastion is the same as he remembered it, he is unable to find anyone. Joined Mar 14, Messages 1, Soon after Kairi’s arrival, Riku and Sora go to the secret place, a small cave that they frequently explored. When he clearly knew who he was in Days?

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They discuss the path of Xehanort’s rlku through time and vessels, and the realization that the Xehanort that served Ansem the Wise was in fact a possessed Terra. Kairi later is attacked by Heartless in her attempt to help Sora, and saved by Riku. Riku decides that going back to sleep would be boring, and confidently takes the card.

Just before the dark being can overwhelm Riku, Mickey saves him again and manages to bring him out of the darkness. The two groups clash, and all but Master Xehanort are eliminated.

Riku and Mickey wait at the crossroads. Riku then proceeds through the maze alone. Riku can use a new Dark Aura that fires Dark Firaga orbs that inflict a Stop effect whenever Sora completes a combo, Dark Shield to project a barrier of darkness, as well as to numerous other powers. The sleight chosen depends on the sum of the card values. After leaving Sora with the toy sword he used on Destiny Islands, he departs, and Donald and Goofy reluctantly follow him as per The King ‘s orders.


Rikk Kingdom Hearts Chain of MemoriesRiku makes many self-realizations, one of which is that he had let his heart become weak, and some time after that, he would shy away from the darkness within it. In Destiny Islands, Riku meets all of his friends, but they are all ,h2 and they eventually disappear, even Kairi. When Terra visits Destiny Islands, he can already sense Riku’s potential, and asks why Riku wants to leave his island.

where is riku is kh2?? | Kingdom Hearts Insider

Riku explains that he did not want to be found, thanks to his appearance, and confirms Sora’s suspicions of the clues they found – namely, the ice cream and Roxas’s photo. Yen Tiku tells them all to spend the day recuperating before meeting at the Keyblade Graveyard.

As Sora breaks down in tears, Riku steps forward with a simple statement of faith in him, and faces down the Demon Tide alone. This gave him three oh2 abilities: After a fierce struggle, Riku defeats Young Xehanort. Riku interrogates her as to her identity and use of the Keyblade, while Xion demands to know why he’s dressed as a member of the Organization.

A data version of Riku is created by the digitization of Jiminy’s Journal and becomes a vessel for the memories contained in the Journal. Maleficent bestows the power of darkness on Riku, giving him the power to command the Heartless.

However, Xemnas attacks, riding on a gigantic robotic dragon, and separates Sora and Riku from the others. The fight takes its toll on Riku and, faltering, he speaks Sora’s name.

where is riku is kh2??

When the Destiny Islands vanished, so rikuu he. Roxas and Axel continue to search for her across the worlds, and finally make contact in Twilight Townbut Xion quickly takes her leave while Riku stays behind to distract them.


Passing through much of the castle by this time, the kb2 of Sora’s adventure is complete, and Larxene and Vexen have been eliminated Riku finds Lexaeus. Zexion throws all of Riku’s fears at him at once, telling him he’s responsible for causing them to disappear, and that he belongs to the darkness now.

Despite needing Xion to reunite with Roxas and Sora, Riku gives her time to decide what she wants to do, with the advice that she should choose what is best for everyone. Rriku current whereabouts are unknown. The former deals damage to multiple enemies while the other two are concentrated on one enemy. In this game, Zexion said his scent is very similar to Xemnas’s. Also, Riku is one of the three only characters shown being able to summon more than one Keyblade at once, the other two being Roxas and Sora.

To further the trio’s goals, Vexen independently appears before Riku and the latter wonders if Vexen is with “Ansem” Xehanort’s Heartless. After DiZ leaves, Riku tells Mickey to destroy him if he fails to stop Ansem, but he refuses, saying he’ll only help him regain control, and Riku concedes.

Why did DiZ ask Riku who he was in KH2?

After riou phone call from Sora, they head into the castle to discuss the replica project with Ienzo. In order to seal the door to darkness, Riku stayed with the king on the other side.

Riku’s combo attacks contain quick and powerful strikes and his combo finishers usually hit more than one enemy, making him decent in crowd control.