Click on image to see bigger version! At least he died doing what he genuinely loved to do, making games. Here you will find the level editor, browse online levels to download and chat with other users and other stuff. WarbladerToo , Oct 23, What we have done today on Deluxe Galaga Reborn:

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These things used up most of that pledged money, Unity is certainly warblade mk 2 cheap but these are the things the money was always intended for. You can also change size, angle and set up animation on the angle of the aliens. Some links to YouTube videos for Warblade www. And how old are you exactly? Dots Adventures is very close to finished now, we believe it holds all the same gameplay values and quality as any EMV game to date and hope you can aid us in promoting it and maybe giving it a try yourself.

Are you using an asset-store extension for your 2D handling or some kind of home brew thing? We’re not sure how this will work yet, but we shall work something out.

Warblade MK II

Moving and editing properties on aliens is very easy. We planned for this game to take only a few weeks, but Edgars illness and our need to make it as warlbade as we always strive for our games to be, stretched this to 7 months.


It shows the new main screen. Long time game developer.

Warblade – Wikipedia

Any comments on this project is very much m Jul 19, Posts: The other stuff will also be worked on as soon as possible.

We’re not sure how this will work yet, but we shall work something out. The ulule page is not live yet, but I hope warblade mk 2 will approve it as soon as possible!!! Unity has also been plagued with lots of bugs in the latest version The latest version is unusable for me, crashes all m timebut I hope it will get better.

To warbldae is human, to forgive is divine Comments Update Random-usernameOct 23, Join the Unity Advisory Panel. The more funds we get, the more platforms we can support too. Waves can be moved and curve points can also be moved.

Also changed color tint on the sprites – WARP logo is possibly too low at the warblade mk 2. There is enough money left now to warbladd the extras promised to the pledgers such as the postcards and poster bonuses etc.

Warblade MK II – EMV Software

This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat I had to find some quick project early this spring to generate some income, or it will be game over for EMV Software. Move to next menus screen.


Jan 20, Posts: It seem some discovered wxrblade project a bit late and if you want me to, I can set up some donation buttons so you can help out even more. Having Kevin on board with his great art skills is a real boost for us leaving Edgar more time to code, but he can only do this when he is well enough.

Kevin is working hard on the enhanced warblade mk 2 of the graphics.

Warblade MK II – work in progress

Dude, Deluxe Galaga was one of the best ever games on the Amiga! WarbladerTooOct 23, We want it done and being played by you as wsrblade as you do, but we cannot compromise on the vision for the game or the polish that we hope you agree comes on all EMV games. Warblade mk 2 hurry before it’s to late!!

I finally gave in and thought that it would be a quick project to do. One of the reasons I made Invader Warblad and still keep making shmups.