Arab politics and culture have always played out in sync — whether with Fairuz refusing to sing to a divided Beirut during the Lebanese civil war, Egypt’s legendary Umm Kulthum raising funds for Arab armies or, more recently, two Tunisian rappers who were sentenced to imprisonment for “insulting the police”. Reading this on mobile? In fact, their song Wa Nueid is a plea for a neverending blossoming “spring” — a command to vote with your feet. Mashrou’ Leila’s satirical lyrics and themes regarding politics, religion, sexuality and homosexuality have led to an unofficial ban on performing in Jordan on April 26, Some campaigners including Free Patriotic Movement official Naji Hayek called to forcibly stop the band’s appearance if Lebanese authorities don’t cancel the show. Archived from the original on 14 August

mashrou leila raksit leila

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Their sound is a mix of influences, from indie guitar music — the Arctic Monkeys, the Strokes and Radiohead — to Lebanese singer Fairuz keila the Arab world’s Maria Callas.

Mashrou’ Leila: the Lebanese band changing the tune of Arab politics | Music | The Guardian

The statement added that the band members who were questioned agreed to remove content that was deemed disrespectful to religious sensitivities and to issue an apology. L’Orient-Le Jour in French. Byblos show cancelled over ‘bloodshed’ fears”. Lead single Lel Watan “for the nation” has hints of electronica, although its politicised lyrics couldn’t be further removed msahrou the gently prodding disco chords: On Mashrou’ Leila’s early records, you can hear Sinno’s voice heavily filtered through what sounds like a speakerphone, as though the band were literally at a protest, perhaps even in Egypt’s Tahrir Square.

mashrou leila raksit leila

In the aftermath of the concert cancellation, a number of human rights organizations voiced concern. Supporters described the cancellation as a shameful and dangerous precedent.

Mashrou’ Leila – Raksit Layla by OuthereRecords | Outhere Records | Free Listening on SoundCloud

They all emerged around the time of the Arab spring, creating a potent fusion of pop and politics. In an attempt to defuse the situation, a Byblos Festival spokeperson claimed that a compromise was reached and that the concert will be held if the band members hold a press conference to all those who may have been offended” and that the two offending songs will be pulled from the festival set. Retrieved from ” https: The band formed in BeirutLebanon in as a music workshop at the American University of Beirut.


The band was formed in February at the American University of Beirutwhen violinist Haig Papazianguitarist Andre Chedid, and pianist Omaya Malaeb posted an open invitation to musicians looking to jam to vent the stress caused by college and the unstable political situation.

Just as the Arab-world protests show that people will no longer accept the political status quo, Mashrou’ Leila shows there’s also an appetite for music that doesn’t conform to the Arabic pop status quo. The band’s political dimensions are not new to Arab pop. On December 1, Ibn El Leil debuted at the number one spot on local iTunes channels, and charted as number 11 on the international world Billboard charts.

mashrou leila raksit leila

This page was last edited on 27 Septemberat On July 31following the concert cancellation, Mashrou’ Leila shared a statement on its social media accounts condemning the unfounded libel campaign, saying that the songs at the center of the controversy were subjected to “misinterpretation and twisting of lyrics”.

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The band has said that this album is their most pop album to date, and deals with topics that range from the euphoric to the destructive and depressive, all taking place in the politically, socially, and sexually charged spaces of Beirut’s night.


They formed inand their name means “the overnight project” — a reference to the night-time jam sessions out of which the band was born. Show 25 25 50 All.

Raksit Leila رقصة ليلى (English translation)

The band’s third and newest album release, Raasuk “made you dance”was recorded in Montreal at a studio where Arcade Fire have previously worked.

Reading this on mobile? May 7, Label: The concert was one of the most anticipated events of the summer and was attended by scores of fans as well as the Lebanese prime leeila Saad Hariri.

They currently havelikes on Facebook, quite an accomplishment for an independent band with virtually no corporate backing in the Middle East they crowdfunded their latest album, to bypass censorship and the control of a record company.

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Mashrou’ Leila: the Lebanese band changing the tune of Arab politics

Over a thousand people attended the show while hundreds waited in droves at the venue’s entrance in waiting. During the event, Mashrou’ Leila proved to be the only band that composed and performed their original compositions. On July 29the Maronite Catholic Eparchy of Byblos communicated on its Facebook page, a statement by the Episcopal Commission for Social Communication claiming that two of the band members had acknowledged, during a meeting with church officials, that some of the band’s songs violated religious values.

This is a departure from the logic of the state, one that strikes at the core of our sense of our safety and ability to be artistic and creative. A Night Out with Mashrou’ Leila”. Their bold decision to sing about sexuality in a region where this is not readily accepted is unprecedented.