Country smooth That’s how i can describe it.. What does Ese Soy Yo mean in english? A song i cant even understand haha Full Review. Basura Ya hay muchos de estos artistitas Full Review. Smart I don’t know and I don’t care,but I think peeople who speak 2 lenguaje are more smart than who only speak english,jealous, where are the real american people? Mark Unless your from Mexico why would you want to listen to any of this. El Gallo Del Mojado.

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Kevin Sucks the mexicans that cut his grass good Full Review.

Ese Soy Yo

Do not ask me why, but I can not contain This love so big that I feel That kills me in silence and hurts me inside Where it says that loving you is forbidden to me Maybe you do not want ese soy yo el bebeto with me Maybe a single simple friend But one thing if I tell you That I’m just, I’m also Maybe who else I love you Ese soy yo el bebeto one who has given you all the heart The one that responds to the echo of your voice That you always arrive without warning That as nobody knows you take care The one who does not have the bad intention To take advantage of your heart The companion of your loneliness That as nobody else can love you The one that dares to need From your caresses, your way of loving Who does not move any interest That even having you is going to stop That’s yooo??


This sucks Ditto Full Review. Item added to wishlist. Nuestro Amor Es Grande. Its a great album. Latin Music Dont let the cover fool you. Item removed from wishlist. Not Free It costs 9 bucks Full Review. Reminds me of Marco Antonio Solis. With his rich vocal range and popularity with the ladies, the young singer from Sinaloa could be the next Latin idol.

El Bebeto – Ese Soy Yo by LATINPOWERMUSIC | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Bebteo even been listening to Portuguese music. Funny Laugh hahahahahaha lol Full Review. Tiempo Junto A Ti. I’m white I liked the albumhowever I still love Intocable a lot more!! Listen to this album and millions more. This sucks Full Review.

A Google User April 2, This is the way it should be Song meanings, Translation of lyrics.

Thanks google lol its nice to hear different beats, even if they all sound the same Full Review. I love him Full Review. Yes, it’s in Spanish. A song i cant even understand haha. Find any song lyrics translated into English, Spanish, French and other languages!


For what i see Wow its amazing how there are soo many people hating on sooy song because its free and their asking.

I know him and he is really hot A Google User March 30, Thanks to Google play for exposing us to different languages and types of music. Where is it free Full Review. Why is all the free music Spanish? What does Ese Soy Yo mean in english?

Amazing stuff Love Google’s diversity, and don’t feed the trolls. Free music in english would be much better International music is the best!!