Deflection of permanent teeth from its path. Compensatory and balancing exts. It was recognized almost immediately, however, that there were deficiencies in the Angle system. It rests on what is known as biologic continuity, i. Upper dental centreline should be in line with mid facial line, check this with lower dental centre line. Many malocclusions affect the profile. Increased eruption of the mandibular teeth, i.

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The use of orthodontic screws or bone anchorage devices has eliminated the need for a maxillary orthognathic procedure in this case. Treatment decision is either maalocclusion open or close space for missing teeth.

MALOCCLUSION /Orthodontic Courses by IDA |authorSTREAM

In most cases transverse discrepancies are small and a normal occlusion is often seen or is readily obtained with orthodntontic treatment. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. This is difficult as occlusal anomalies are many and varied. Outline Orthodontic directions Medical and dental history Klinical examination Model analysis Angle diagnostic system.

Bunched or crowded maxillary anterior teeth. Crowding in adults occurred with or without ortho treatment. Later injuries will displace the crown relative to the root resulting in dilaceration and impaction of the permanent successor. Due to, Absence of a successor Genetic, Trauma Pathogenesis: Alignment is the key word of Group 1; among the possibilities are idealcrowding arch-length deficiencyspacingand mutilated. The teeth, one or both dental classification of malocclusion ppt and or jaws are too far retruded.


My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. This is either due to normal growth or it is more socially acceptable to competent lips or at least incompetent lips habitually held together.

The bones of the face and the jaws are in harmony with one another and with the rest of the head. To classificayion this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Thus a space exist between the upper and lower teeth when the patient bites in centric occlusion. So their will be great variation from individual to og.

Frankfort plane horizontal and teeth in maximum inter-digitation. Ideal occlusion, plus many but by no means all Angle Class I malocclusions, would fall into Group 1.

The maxillary arch is underdeveloped. At birth frenum is attached to alveolar ridge and the fibrous actually running into lingual classification of malocclusion ppt papling. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie mmalocclusion.

Classification of Orthodontic Malocclusion

Most studies carried out by Edwards. Lateral transverseanteroposterior sagittaland vertical deviations and their interrelationships Groups 3 to 9 are represented by three interlocking subsets within the profile set. Classification of malocclusion ppt malocclusions affect the profile.


An adaptive tongue thrust will cease when a lip to lip contact pph be achieved after treatment. Balancing extractions- to maintain centre- line.

Variations in tooth number Abnormalities in tooth position Labial fraenum Trauma Crossbites Dento-alveolar disproportion.

Frankfort plane is from porion to orbitale. A part or all of the dental arch is wider than usual from the raphe median plane www.

The tooth surface is not a flat surface, there classification of malocclusion ppt malocclusionn and depressions. The medial two malocflusion of the face, a line form the outer canthus of the eye should be coincident with the gonial angle of the mandible. Difficult habit to break, and is not uncommon in children. Type of injuryintrusive v avulsion determines the damage to the successor.

Some of the commonly seen individual tooth malpositions are Distal inclination or distal tipping Mesial inclination or mesial tipping Lingual inclination or lingual tipping Buccal inclination or buccal tipping www.